Leverage Your Company's
Most Valuable Assets.


Jeff has held leadership roles while working for various private and publically held companies. After three facility closures, a strike, and a corporate buyout, Jeff started Human Asset Management LLC.

His no-nonsense, common sense approach is reflected in his speeches.  Jeff draws on his 25 years of experience as a human resources professional, father, coach, martial artist, wrestler, and service in the US Army to present the following thought provoking presentations:

  • "No Nonsense Retention... Painless Strategies to Retain your Best People"
  • "Welcome to Dodge... Tales from the Frontiers of Business"
  • "No Thanks... I Took Another Offer"
  • "Slug Proof Your Team... No Nonsense Strategies to Develop a High Performance Team"

To book Jeff to speak, train, or lead a workshop for your organization, contact me.