Leverage Your Company's
Most Valuable Assets.

Talent Acquisition

Capitalize on business growth opportunities by recruiting top talent into your organization. Refine critical human resources processes and maximize the use of employee talent.

The hallmark of Human Asset Management LLC is the ability to listen to what you need and then design a solution to meet your executive search needs. Most organizations do not have extra staff waiting around to recruit people when the need arises. Unfortunately, adding people to the organization usually occurs in the midst of a business surge when you have less time than ever. We will provide you with as little or as much help as you need. Our flexibility enables us to use the solution that fits you best, not trying to put a "square peg into a round hole."

Executive Search

Human Asset Management LLC provides executive search services contingent upon hiring a qualified candidate or by retaining us on a dedicated recruitment project. When the highest level of confidentiality or in-depth scrutiny of candidates is paramount, using Human Asset Management LLC on a retained executive search project provides you with dedicated resources to fill critical roles in the business. We search across a range of disciplines and industries.

Recruitment Services

Recruitment and Selection Strategy Design

Working with your leadership team Human Asset Management LLC will facilitate strategy development sessions to determine the optimal approach to getting people on board. You avoid wasting time and money while still finding talent in the ever tightening labor market.

College Recruitment

Many organizations fail to properly use this valuable resource to maximize its full potential. Using our expertise in college recruiting, we will set up a process that targets the best colleges for you, enhances your visibility, establishes relationships, and enables you to compete with competitors of all sizes.

Advertisement Development and Resume Screening

Deluged with resumes after running that ad on a job board? You are not alone. Although the internet has made it easier to expand your access to candidates that are actively seeking employment, it also makes it easier for any candidate to apply, leaving you with the time consuming task of sorting thru volumes of resumes to find a candidate with the skills and other intangible qualities that fit your organization. We will work with you to review resumes, conduct initial screening by providing focused resources to expedite the hiring process and find the talent you need to move your business forward.

Interview Training

Are applicants better trained than your managers? They may be. Many managers do not feel totally comfortable or have never had the level of formal training needed to assess candidates as well as they like. For those that do not, we can provide the baseline knowledge that can immediately increase their ability to conduct a solid selection interview. Interview training will also help to reinforce the basic skills that an experienced interviewer may possess.

Finalist Review

After narrowing your slate of candidates down to the top contenders, Human Asset Management LLC can be used to interview and provide an outside perspective of candidate qualifications and "fit." By doing so, your organization minimizes the risk that the wrong person is selected to fill an important job.